Reaction of the Bar President concerning the death of Me Diboma Victor

Death of Me Diboma Victor.

The negligence of the Laquintinie Hospital is at issue.

Through the voice of the Bar President, Me MBAH Eric MBAH, the Bar denounces the conditions in which the young lawyer was taken care of at the Laquintinie Hospital in Douala.

Me Diboma Victor had been taken to Laquintinie Hospital in Douala after being attacked with a knife by unknown persons during the night of January 3, 2023. He died there some time later.

For the Bar Association, there is no doubt that this death is attributable to the poor care of the lawyer by the staff of this hospital. Speaking to the press during the ceremony of homage of the Bar to the deceased, the President of the Bar Association, Mr. Eric MBAH, regretted that 30 minutes after the arrival of the injured man at the hospital, he was not taken care of by the staff who demanded that he pay certain expenses. Not having enough cash, they had to pay by Orange money. In the meantime, a nurse came and offered to buy three medicines. What the Bâtonnier finds curious is that the young doctor who was on duty did not even try to examine him to see what had happened to him.

The director of the Laquintinie hospital contests this version of the facts, but the Bâtonnier, convinced that there was negligence, says he has facts that contradict the management of the hospital and promises to provide evidence of his claims after the police investigation.

Secretary of the Bar
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