Brief history of the development of the Bar

Created in 1972 by Law N° 72/LF/5 of May 23, 1972 organizing the profession of Lawyer, the Cameroon Bar Association whose headquarters, still in Yaounde, is today at Avenue Charles ATANGANA behind Mess des Officiers OLEZOA, has undergone several modifications. It operates today under Law N° 90/059 of December 19, 1990 organizing the profession of lawyer.

This textual evolution was naturally accompanied by the functional evolution. Thus, the conditions of access have evolved with the substitution of the authorization by Presidential Decree to the institution of examinations of entry into training and aptitude to the profession, without forgetting the oath so dear to the profession which, from “I swear not to say or publish anything as a defender or counsel, contrary to the laws, regulations, I swear not to say or publish anything as a lawyer or counsel that is contrary to the laws, regulations, good morals, State security and public peace, and never to deviate from the respect due to the courts and tribunals and to the public authorities” of Law No. 87-018 of July 15, 1987, on the reorganization of the legal profession, which was to be pronounced before the Supreme Court, became with the above-mentioned law of 1990: “I swear as a lawyer to exercise my functions of defense and counsel independently with dignity, conscience, probity and humanity, in accordance with the rules of my profession and in respect of the courts and tribunals and the laws of the Republic” which is currently pronounced before the Court of Appeal.

After having functioned for two years under the direction of the Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, the Cameroon Bar Association, which had its first Bar President in 1974, has seen the succession of fourteen Bar Presidents, including the current one, Me MBAH ERIC MBAH, who took office at the last elective general assembly of June 18, 2022, held in Yaounde, succeeding the interim Bar Presidents Me ATANGANA BIKOUNA Claire (2021-2022), Me Tchakounte Patie Charles (2018-2021), Me NGNIE KAMGA Jackson Francis (2015-2018), SAMA Francis ASANGA (2012-2015), ETA BESSONG Emmanuel Junior (2008 – 2012), TCHOUNGANG Charles (2006 – 2008), EBANGA EWODO Justin (2002 -2006), AKERE T. MUNA (1997 – 2002), LUKE K. SENDZE (1994 – 1997), Patrice MONTHE (1992 – 1994), Bernard A. MUNA (1986 – 1992), BLACK YONDO MANDENGUE (1982 -1986), and F.Y.GORGI NDINKA (1974 – 1982).

The operational organs of the Cameroon Bar Association are

The General Assembly
The Council of the Bar
The President of the Bar
The Secretary
The Treasurer

Avenue Charles ATANGANA, behind the Officers’ Mass – OLEZOA.

Monday – Friday : 8am to 5pm

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