General Assembly

General Assembly

The General Assembly Composed of all the lawyers registered on the Roll of the Bar and authorized to practice, the General Assembly meets in ordinary session at least once a year upon convocation by its president or vice-president, and extraordinarily upon convocation by the Minister of Justice or at the request of the Bar Council, or upon request by the absolute majority of the lawyers authorized to practice.

It sets the rate of dues, votes on the budget of the Bar, the draft of which is drawn up by the Bar Council, elects its President and Vice-President by secret ballot by a simple majority of the members present or represented, elects the members of the Bar Council in the same manner, elects the President of the Bar by uninominal ballot and by a simple majority of votes and examines all urgent matters relating to the profession submitted to it. The decisions of the General Assembly are recorded in minutes signed by the members of the Board. The President of the General Assembly sends a copy of the minutes to the President of the Bar within fifteen days of the General Assembly for execution.

Elected for two years, the President of the General Assembly convenes and sets the agenda of the ordinary sessions of the General Assembly. This agenda concerns exclusively questions relating to the practice of the profession.

Avenue Charles ATANGANA, behind the Officers’ Mass – OLEZOA.

Monday – Friday : 8am to 5pm

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