The week of ethics and professional conduct of lawyers that the bar organized from November 21 to 25, 2022 was, according to the general opinion, a great success by the participation of lawyers, the quality of presentations and exchanges that followed. This augurs a better future for the corporation in terms of professional conduct.

Elected President of the Bar Association last June, Me MBAH Eric MBAH is committed to putting the Bar Association in order. This includes a relentless fight against certain abuses observed within the corporation. The organization of the week of ethics and professional deontology of lawyers is resolutely in line with this perspective.

In order to ensure the full success of this awareness campaign, the Bar President has associated the “guardians of the temple”, in this case the former presidents of the Bar, who came to share their experience and to edify the younger generations. Their appearance on this occasion, as well as the massive participation in the workshops and the enthusiasm of the lawyers, undoubtedly marks the hope that we have for the future, namely: a more professional bar.

We present you with the images marking some of the highlights of this awareness week.

Secretary of the Bar
Me NGO MINYOGOG Anne Yolande

Previous Ethics and Deontology Week: program of the launching day

Avenue Charles ATANGANA, behind the Officers’ Mass – OLEZOA.

Monday – Friday : 8am to 5pm

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