Courtesy visit of the new Bar Council to the Pass Bar Presidents resident in Douala

Drawing on the experience of its predecessors in order to manage better was the approach used by the new Bar Council of the Cameroon Bar Association, elected on June 20, 2022. And Friday, July 15, 2022 served as the ideal space to make this remarkable act. This visit, led by Me MBAH Eric MBAH in his capacity as new Bar President, led the new leaders of the Bar to the professional homes of two Pass Bar Presidents, all residing in Douala.

The first step led the Council members to the home of Pass Bar President Charles TCHOUGANG, who served as Bar President from 2006 to 2008.

In welcoming the new executive, he first congratulated the members of the Bar Council for their brilliant election, then he praised the approach that he had not seen for many years. Moved, he assured the Bar Council of his full availability whenever it is called upon, without ever interfering.

He recommended that the new Council restore the arbitration and conciliation commission. Continuing, he recalled that the Council must have at heart the independence of the corporation and recommended solidarity within the Bar Council.

It is with all this advice that the delegation of the Bar Council took leave of Pass Bar President Charles TCHOUGANG, to continue their pilgrimage to another Pass Bar President: MONTHE Patrice, who presided over the destiny of the Cameroon Bar Association from 1992 to 1994.

Great was his joy to welcome his young colleagues who came to draw from his source. The wise Pass Bar President did not make a fuss by expressing his entire satisfaction to see an old tradition, long abandoned, resurface: that of the confraternal solidarity that he galvanized more the current President to continue. He asked him to re-knit what others have unknitted. After having recalled the qualities of a good Bar President, namely humility and justice, he qualified this function of exalting, but for which one does not pass anything to you.

Resolutely committed to the logic of advice, he hammered home the fact that the strength of a Bar is confraternity, the habits and customs and that there is nothing above these principles.

Taking the floor, this time as spokesman of the Conference of Pass Bar Presidents assured that it does not have the ambition to fail. He pointed out that the courtesy visit to the Pass Bar Presidents is part of the ethical practices of our profession. It is a mark of recognition towards our predecessors who are, in other words, the guardians of the temple.

Turning to the current Bar President, he reminded him, in a note of humor: “That one becomes Pass Bar President quickly”. Preaching by the example of solidarity, the Pass Bar President himself led the delegation of the Council to the home of another former Bar President who was suffering from the death of his wife. Mr. YONDO Black who had also served the Order from 1982 to 1986. The widower was very grateful to this delegation of confraternity who really came to comfort him in this dark passage.

It was in the middle of this emotional night that the visit of the new Bar Council to the Past Bar Presidents of the Cameroon Bar Association came to an end.

Madam Bar Secretary
Mrs. NGO MINYOGOG Anne Yolande

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